About us

Who we are

Raivotech is a company founded in 2021, based in Greece, and is active in the technology sector and specifically in health applications, creating software for smart wearable devices.

Our goals

Our main concern is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life, helping people to deal with health issues at low cost and without time-consuming and complicated medical examinations.

In order to provide reliable analysis and in-depth results from the data we receive from users via smart devices, we work with specialist physicians with the respective scientific background and expertise. Using modern computational methods and following the results of recent scientific studies, we aim to improve users’ health by creating a structured user profile and providing valuable information and personalised advice.

Onar, our first application!

Our first product is an application named “Onar”, which means dream in ancient Greek. It will soon be available on Google Play for Android devices.  Onar is an application designed to study the quality of sleep, as well as its correlation with users’ daily life, as recorded both by the data collected from smart devices and by the answers to questionnaires that users will be asked to give at regular intervals. In this way, users will receive information about their sleep quality and personalised advice on how to improve it. The application is developed in collaboration with the Pulmonary Clinic of the University of Patras.

At the same time, however, we not only want to raise awareness of the contribution of good sleep to health, but also to draw attention to the problems that can be observed due to continuous reduced sleep quality.

Above all, we value our users’ privacy. Therefore, the collection and use of users’ personal data is always based on European and International standards, respecting all necessary data protection and privacy measures.

Contact Us

Patras Science Park S.A. Stadiou, Platani 265 04, Greece