Anxiety and sleep disorders

A study of their association through the use of smart devices

Person wearing a smartwatch. The abreviation BASEL means: Breakthrough Anxiety and Evaluation using Linked Devices

Raivotech, an innovative Greek start-up, is constantly striving to provide answers to health-related questions by designing and conducting research projects in collaboration with experienced scientists.   

The aim of the BASEL (Breakthrough Anxiety and Sleep Evaluation using Linked devices) study is to investigate the relationship between anxiety and depressive symptoms with sleep quality using mobile devices and smart watches.

The study is being conducted by Raivotech in collaboration with specialised researchers from the University of Patras. The Onar application, developed by Raivotech, records daily activity, habits, sleep information and answers to medical questionnaires. Onar’s innovative algorithm helps to find correlations between stress and poor sleep quality.

By taking part in the survey, users will be able to gather valuable information to help understand the problem. At the same time when using the app, participants will receive tips to improve their sleep.

The information and data collected will be anonymous and it is ensured that it will not be disclosed to third parties. It will be used exclusively for the purposes of the BASEL survey, as well as to improve Onar’s services.  

To participate you simply need:

  • Download the Onar application and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Connect a compatible smartwatch to the app (compatible devices are smartwatches and fitness trackers from Fitbit, Garmin or other companies that are compatible with Google Fit).
  • Use the app for at least two weeks and complete the questionnaire at the end of the survey.

Please follow the links for the terms and conditions.

The team of Raivotech would like to thank you for your participation and wish you a good night’s sleep!

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.Download the Onar application form and accept the terms and conditions.Download the Onar application form and accept the terms and conditions.


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