Frequently Asked Questions

Ordinary smart watches and fitness trackers are not approved medical devices; however, they can provide a lot of data about the quality of sleep and the users’ conditions with relative accuracy. Then, through statistical analysis valuable information about the users’ health can be extracted.

The information provided by Onar is the result of specialised statistical analyses through innovative computational methods and is based on the latest medical research. Our scientific team is working to develop and improve data processing methods and extract more information about users’ health. However, it should be stressed that Onar cannot replace a visit to your doctor.

The team of Onar ensures that your data is secure as it follows the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, GDPR). The data collected follows a pseudo-anonymization process by assigning a unique and secure user key. In addition, all information related to you as a user is removed and stored separately from the collected data.

The app shows various data about your sleep quality, by clicking on the icon (i) you can read a short explanation of each parameter.

The sleep score is calculated by considering various parameters that affect sleep. Some of them are: sleep duration, consistency, WASO and SOL values and data from daily life.

In theory, the higher the sleep score the better the quality of your sleep. However, the data collected may not be accurate or interpreted correctly, which is why it is important to complete the questionnaires.

The data collected from your device is very important and can show the state of your health. However, what matters most is how you feel! You can convey this through the questionnaires.

The questionnaires we use are based on long-term medical studies and can reveal problems that are difficult to detect only through data from devices. Combined with the data from the devices we can get a comprehensive picture of your condition.

Onar’s scientific team participates in scientific research that aims to fully utilize the data from medical devices and improve the health status of users. The research projects are carried out in collaboration with academic institutions and research centres.

Your data is not linked to you as a user. It is processed only by Onar’s scientific team and is not transferred to third parties. The results of the surveys do not include personal data or information that can be individually matched to users. 

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use your smart device correctly
  • Connect your device to the corresponding app and make sure that data is transferred to Onar
  • Use the device as frequently as possible
  • Fill in or correct missing information, for example, sleep hours, steps, activity
  • Complete your profile on Onar


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